Wellness Superheroes: NEW Name, NEW Time & REPLAYS

Wellness Superheroes: NEW Name, NEW Time & REPLAYS



Jodi & Annie are meeting weekly on Tuesdays 8 pm Central Standard Time

Wednesdays 12 pm Daylight Saving Time, AEST.


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Jodi's Road to Recovery | 13 Sept 2022

In this episode, Jodi shares her health struggles over the last 3.5 years and takes us on a journey of part of the remedies she's applied to regain her wellness.

Annie's V 🪓  Injuries (& More) | 20 Sept 2022

Annie and Jodi discuss Annie's v_ccine injuries, chronic health issues, and the things that were key interventions on the road to Annie's recovery. Some of these include chl0rine di0xide solution, zeolites, and most recently, colloidal silver.  Jodi discusses her energy healing techniques and using intuition to find the answers you seek. Annie shares about a recent wound she developed and its miraculous healing with Colloidal Silver.

Jodi's Heavy Metal Detox | 28 Sept 2022

Ever seen those foot pads and foot bath detoxes, and wondered if they really work? In this week's episode with the Wellness Superheroes, Jodi shares her recent heavy metal detox and her experience with Dr. Group's foot detox pads. Jodi and Annie also discuss the MANY remedies for covid.

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When? Every Tuesday 8pm Central / every Wednesday 10am AEST (Daylight Saving Time).

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