Wellness Superheroes | REPLAY: Fulvic Acid & Castor Patches

Wellness Superheroes | REPLAY: Fulvic Acid & Castor Patches

In this week’s episode, Jodi shares her continued heavy metal detox using Mrs. RogersHood’s Fulvic Soak and Castor Patches.

Attention Australian Audience: if you would like to purchase Mrs. RogersHood’s fulvic soak, email Annie so she can combine it with her order by Friday, October 28th at anniecatterall@icloud.com .

Another jam-packed episode covering other topics like metal fibers, sentient consciousness of parasites, terminal frequencies, cancers, root canals, castor oil, AND the belly button technique!

Join us on October 19th as Detox Doula Hannah shares in detail the benefits of taking Fulvic Acid and its key role in support and recovery from detoxing from heavy metals and petrochemicals.

REPLAY | Wellness Superheroes | Jodi's Continued Detox | 5 Oct 2022

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