Urban Farming

Urban Farming
Vertical part of my garden - April 2022

and Self-Sufficiency

I never saw myself as a green thumb, and for some odd reason I swore that I never would - but like my wise mum always says "Never say never"!

Some of my earliest memories as a child was when I stayed overnight at my paternal grandparents house - I used to wake up to find the house empty - my Nan & Pa nowhere in sight... searching in every room and calling out, I couldn't see them or hear a response. As you could expect any 6 year old to react, I would begin to panic and think they left the house without me.

While panicking, I'd stare out the window, then I saw... 2 bums in the air (clothed of course) 😜 - it was my grandparents picking up leaves off their lawn and driveway. I recall thinking how ridiculous they were for fussing so much about the leaves on their lawn, I mean, all it needed was for a strong gust of wind to blow them away!

Anyway... all this to say, I never thought I would care about keeping a garden. Now I'm older and wiser I can see that, yes even though Nan & Pa were anal about picking up the leaves, they also had a skill for gardening and an appreciation for nature. If only my they could see me now!

I started gardening in the spring of 2020 after the PLANdemic hit. I could see the writing on the wall after the world lost its shit and decided to raid every supermarket shelf of toilet paper. 🙄 (TOILET PAPER OF ALL THINGS!? To this day, I don't understand why THAT was the thing everyone was terrified about going without!!! Sorry, I digress.)

It wasn't long before I'd determined the way for my family to survive the next planned global crisis was to grow what we ate.

The way I approach gardening and learning self-sufficiency is about stewarding and governing nature - you won't find any of that climate activism narrative here, only that I go forth and subdue the earth as God instructed Adam and Eve to do in the garden of Eden.

I have friends who are guru gardeners that introduced me to the Diggers Club - a place that sells heirloom and organic seeds, seedlings, and gardening resources, so I joined and my green thumb chapter officially began.