Wellness Webinar: Hannah, Detox Doula on Zeolites

Wellness Webinar: Hannah, Detox Doula on Zeolites
Weekly Wellness Webinar - 6 September 2022

This week we had our first guest speaker on the wellness webinar. A dear friend of mine personally, Hannah Bennett aka Detox Doula.

I met Hannah through an aromatherapy group on Facebook about 5 years ago, and we were fast friends.

As an ambassador for Touchstone Essentials, Hannah shares about Zeolites and their subtle but impactful change to our cellular health.

Sadly, the first 10 minutes of our webinar weren't recorded (guess you had to be there), so there is a brief info clip explaining what a zeolite is in the replay.

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About Hannah:

Hannah is a life coach, holistic wellness practitioner, and, of course, a doula. She has years of clinical experience as a Division 2 Nurse and as a doula, she also has a Diploma in Aromatherapy.

Hannah is equally experienced in healing and detoxing naturally, when Hannah suffered from postpartum depression, and anxiety, she also had Topical Steroidal Withdrawal Syndrome and the health of her growing family was in jeopardy.

Hannah is an innovative leader with a heart to help others be their best selves. Sworn enemy of box-think, a luminary with a unique gift for communicating relevant ideas that break barriers and leave people feeling empowered and encouraged.

Raw, vulnerable, fiercely intentional with her connections and relationships, an explorer guided by the fierce love of a mother and a healthy fear of God.

I hope you enjoy the replay of this week's webinar!

Hannah & Annie meet in the flesh after being online mates for 3 years at an Oilability Retreat - October 2019

Watch Replay Here

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