'Pool Water'

'Pool Water'
Photo by Haley Phelps / Unsplash

'Pool Water?! What in the world are you talking about?!' That is what I imagine you're thinking right about now... well, let me share with you this journey of my experience taking this thing called 'Pool Water'...

I've got this amazing friend over in Texas - Ann Marie - who was blogging about this new thing she found (which we affectionately call 'Pool Water') for her family, I was blown away by Ann Marie's results after taking it for 2 weeks I decided I'd guinea pig myself out.

Left - 2 days before / Right: 3 months on the 'Pool Water'

I have such a young face, so we're not looking at the anti-aging effects the pool water may or may not have, but rather the colour of my complexion, the whites of my eyes, the bags under them - these are the most notable to me. Not to mention many family and friends have commented on how clear and bright I look in comparison, these comments have come from men too!

The Beginning

Before getting started

2 Days prior I wrote down all my issues, mostly chronic, that I have experienced for the last few years and they were:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty getting to sleep & staying asleep
  • Fatigue/Malaise
  • Myalgia (whole body muscle pain)
  • R) hip, neck and lower back pain
  • Eye floaters (vitreous fluid... or ? eye parasites)
  • Arrhythmia & palpitations
  • Jaw pain, teeth grinding
  • Chest discomfort
  • Shortness of breath on exertion and frequently at rest

Having been a trained nurse, I did a baseline set of observations & checked my weight. I'm also keeping a daily journal which I recommend everyone who intends on starting the pool water to do the same - it makes it easier to gauge what's improved since starting.

Update - 16 June 2022: I have been on the Pool Water for 3 months now. Go to my post about what has improved in my health during these 3 months.

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