Replay: Weekly Wellness Webinar on Nitric Oxide

Replay: Weekly Wellness Webinar on Nitric Oxide

In this week's episode, Jodi, Ann Marie & Annie discuss H2Bev's HydroShot and its role in healing from v_ccine injuries and how it protects from heart issues.

We discuss Nitric Oxide, and how it is naturally metabolised by our body when it's given the right circumstances to do so (nose breathing and endothelial dysfunction) - mewing is helpful in training your body to breathe through your nose.

Nitric Oxide, along with Melatonin and NAC are crucial in recovery from COVID-19 and heart health. These 3 are fast becoming known as the Cardiac Trifecta.

Where to buy Zeolite - this is my affiliate link, and if you purchase from here I will receive a small commission that will help me keep researching censored remedies and amazing discoveries about how our bodies work. I thank you for helping me help you.

Where to buy HydroShot - (not my affiliate link. Not available in Australia)


COVID Treatment, Jodi's Website for Dr Bartlett -

The Cardiac Trifecta (25min mark) - Dr. Ardis with H2Bev Founder, Kurt Ruppman -

How to Do MEWING Tongue Posture (Correctly) -

Join us next week to hear Guest Speaker - Hannah (Detox Doula) who will share with us the benefits of Fulvic Acid and how it helps take the detox process to another level.  

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