Recipe: How to make 'Pool Water'

Recipe: How to make 'Pool Water'

This post is a simple How-To recipe for making what I affectionately call pool water.

I have to speak in code because as you know, some people don't want you to know about this. I am also going to make this post available only to my paid subscribers because I don't want to lose my website. Yes, it is that serious.

Note: at the time of writing this, I don't make any money from the Amazon links in this post or anywhere on this post.

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What Is This Pool Water?

As a term of endearment, we call it 'pool water', a) because the correct terminology is HEAVILY censored, and b) it's just a water purifier, which just so happens to be able to purify our blood and our whole bodies.

It's often called a 3-letter acronym: Em-Em-Ess (misspelled on purpose) or See-Dee-Ess.

President Trump talked about it back in April 2020 when he talked about disinfecting the blood.

Remember when the corrupt, Operation Mockingbird Media accused him of telling people to drink bleach?

Well, he may have been talking about this.

Riddle me this... if this stuff is SO dangerous, why is it available to buy on Amazon and why is it used to purify water in 3rd world countries?

Probably because it's not dangerous... it's absolutely safe!

Why Pool Water?

I'll come back to unpack my 'Why' a little bit later, but if you want to understand more about what causes me to seek alternative therapies such as See-Dee-Ess, in the meantime, you can this related post of mine: My Health Story

Bottom line: I will only guinea pig myself out to something that I've seen or heard transformational testimonials about, and this has made drastic improvements in my energy levels, whereas other things I've tried have not improved some of my ailments.

Get Your Supplies ASAP

I want to make this post as simple and clear as possible so that you can easily make this "pool water" as soon as possible.

Especially for those of you who have friends and family members who are sick right now.

I advise you to get the ingredients and equipment you need (see below) NOW because it may take a few days to get it all delivered.

I will be sharing more content in the next few days and weeks to help you understand how and why this works, testimonials, etc.

Also, we run regular weekly zoom webinars to share what we're experiencing with the pool water and answer any questions.
Ann Marie and I feel so strongly about helping people heal from all their chronic health conditions naturally, especially to avoid contracting C0v!d.