Protocol P: How To Do The Parasite Cleanse

Protocol P: How To Do The Parasite Cleanse
Photo by Leohoho / Unsplash

After 5 months of being on Chl0rine Di0xide S0lution, I finally committed to doing Andre@s K@lcker's parasite cleanse from his book Forbidden Health.

My friend Ann Marie was talking to me about getting rid of the parasites since February this year (2022), and it's taken me all this time to develop the wherewithal to take it on and do it.

This month of August marks my 2nd month of Andre@s K@lker's 3 month parasite cleanse.

In this post, I'll go through all the things and give you all the info you'll need if you're interested in doing it too.

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Why You Should Do the Parasite Protocol

Protocol P (as in parasites), also known as the "Intense Protocol" can be found on page 144 of Andre@s K@lker's book, Forbidden Health.

'Parasites...?! But don't you only get them when you go on holiday to destinations like Bali?'

Errm... nope, that's a total misnomer and allopathic medicine turns a massive blind eye to parasite prevalence.