Badge of Honour

Badge of Honour
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This morning I woke to find my first TikTok account, @awelloilednurse (only 4 weeks old), banned for breaching "community guidelines".

This is not my first rodeo - I have been permanently banned from other platforms before...

My Facebook account of 11 years was banned back in September of 2020 - 'What for?' I wasn't told and to this day, don't know what I did to get banned. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

Shortly after that, my account of 10 years @caddydrummer, was banned from Instagram - again, the 'offending' material wasn't pointed out to me in the notification.

And in mid-2021 my 11-year-old Twitter account was banned.

All without explanation! All appealed, and no decisions were overturned.

This isn't a rare occurrence by any stretch - I have many friends who have been banned from their social media platforms and have been unable to obtain their accounts back (containing many photos and memories from their lives).

But we are a special breed - we see these permanent bans as 'Badges of Honour'.

Because when you know the mind of those who silence you, and what you stand for, you know that you struck a nerve and were over the target.

In this day and age when speaking the truth, and common sense is highly offensive, this is what happens - you get banned, and silenced for speaking.

Jos was finally willing to let me use him as a subject. Being my younger brother can be hard sometimes. Love how this one turned out :) Thanks, Nonie
Photo by Jackson Simmer / Unsplash

Doesn't sound like a Democratic society, now does it? But this is what we're dealing with.

It takes a thick skin to speak when you're point of view is shunned by a society that screams for a 'world of tolerance'... tolerance... that word always gave me the impression of negative connotations. Being 'tolerant' is when you're a child and you are tolerating a sibling that annoys you.

I digress.

In a world that thinks that my kind with 'traditional Christian values' should not speak, they take every chance to silence me. Accept instead of staying shut up, I get up again, and speak even louder, though my voice does quiver.

We have many issues facing us in our world today, but how are we to solve them if we can't talk about them?

Wars fought over ideology have always been fought on battlefields and shed in blood, but this 'Silent War' is fought on the digital battlefield, and I am just one of many soldiers.

We are the 'silent majority' - not because we don't speak out, but because we keep getting silenced.

I will rise again - because I was born for such a time as this. I was born to fight this fight - the fight for the generations to come. The fight for a better world for my children's children.

I am a fighter - they messed with the wrong b*tch.

*SPOILER ALERT: I skipped to the end of The Book... God Wins, and as a Child of God, if He wins, so do his children.


Since writing this article this morning (Friday, 13 May), I submitted an appeal to TikTok at 9am with the following:


I would like to appeal a permanent ban made on my new @awelloilednurse account. I hold myself to a high ethical standard and don't see how I breached your community guidelines by anything I posted - if anything I was a victim of other users' abuse on my account. If you could please point out to me which video was the offending video - I will accept its removal and not post any more content on the same matter. I so enjoy TikTok as a platform, Having only just become a new user in the last month, I wish to be reinstated on your great platform.

Warm regards, Annie

At 4:48pm I received a reply:

My account was reinstated, minus the offending video (which I wasn't surprised to learn).

This is the first appeal I have won with any social media platform, and hopefully won't be the last - because I'm sure this won't be my last time in social media jail!