3 Months on Pool Water

3 Months on Pool Water
Photo by Sime Basioli / Unsplash

Gosh, how time flies!

It's been 3 months since starting on Andre@s K@lcker's Cee - Dee - Ess, AKA 'Pool Water' - and Boy! what an exciting and insightful 3 months - I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the wonders of chl0rine di0xide solution.

Bare in mind I stopped most of all of my other supplements, except for my zeolite, CBD oil, and melatonin since being on the Pool Water.

For the record, let it also be known that I do not follow any particular skincare routine nor do I wear or use makeup and expensive skin care.

Symptoms Prior to Starting

Let's recap what my most chronic issues were before starting on Protocol A:

  • Headaches
  • Difficulty getting to sleep & staying asleep
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • 9-12 hours of sleep to function
  • Myalgia (whole-body muscle pain)
  • R) hip, neck, and lower back pain
  • Eye floaters (vitreous fluid... or ? eye parasites)
  • Arrhythmia & palpitations
  • Jaw pain, teeth grinding
  • Chest discomfort
  • Shortness of breath on exertion and frequently at rest
15 March 2022 - 2 days before commencing Pool Water

The A Protocol - 3ml of C-D-S x 3 times a day in 200ml of water - I took consistently for 6 weeks until switching to Protocol C - 10-30ml of C-D-S in 1 litre of water - which I have worked up to 30ml and remained on since.

What's Changed

Of these symptoms, the ones that have practically gone are:

  • fatigue
  • myalgia
  • difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep
  • headaches
  • I now only need 6-8 hours of sleep.

The other incidental things that weren't on my list but I noticed were:

  • My cravings for sugar and caffeine decreased significantly
  • Energy levels greatly improved
  • dark bags under my eyes disappeared
  • my skin (which used to take forever to heal and would scab with little trauma) now heals so quickly and I barely have any blemishes or scabs anymore
  • not grinding my teeth at night
  • nails growing quicker and stronger
  • lost 2.2kg
16 June 2022 - 3 months on CDS 

As for my jab injuries and chronic conditions, there has been little change at this point in time. I have gone for a blood test to determine whether or not I have the MTHFR gene - we will see what the results of that test come back with - I'll keep you posted.

Going forward, I will continue to take Protocol C, especially now that we will have to live with c0vid and the sh3dd3rs.

I have just received my orders of DMSO, diatomaceous earth, an enema kit, and some anti-parasitics which I will incorporate into my wellness regimen at least twice a year.

After everything I have learned about parasites and our diets, I am convinced that everyone lives with parasites and many don't know they are the cause of their dis-eases.

So there you have it... an account of my first 3 months on Pool Water. Although not 100% improved, there have been significant improvements since starting chl0rine di0xide, and I have no intention of stopping now.

Not with results like these anyway!

2 Days Before / 3 Months After

If you're tempted to get started on the Pool Water, join us on our zoom on Tuesdays @ 9am AEST and we'll answer any questions or offer any help we can to get you started.

Got questions or need help?

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